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Contract Manufacturing Services Market Analysis- Industry Size, Share, Research Report, Insights, Covid-19 Impact, Statistics, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2022-2030

Published Date: August, 2022
No of Pages: 155
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Report Description

Contract manufacturing is a type of cooperation where a company has signed a contract with another manufacturer, and the manufacturer produces the products while the company handles the sales. Contract manufacturing is a model that encourages greater utilization of existing resources, promotes refinement of industrial chains, and facilitates product sales.

According to the application, the Consumer segment held a significant market share in 2019. The market will continue to be dominated by the Consumer segment during the forecast period. This segment is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 8.93%.

Asia-Pacific held 71.17% of the Contract Manufacturing Services Market’s key revenue share in 2019. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.67%.

The global Contract Manufacturing Services market is expected to grow at a 5.6% CAGR between 2021-2027. It was US$ 1422900 million in 2020.

The report can reveal key global Contract Manufacturing Services market opportunities. It uses industry-standard accuracy and data integrity to provide a comprehensive analysis that will help players achieve a strong market position. The report provides reliable and verified market forecasts. This includes those that predict the market’s overall revenue.

A report is a powerful tool player can use to gain an advantage over their competition and ensure long-term success in the global Contract Manufacturing Services industry. The report’s findings, data and information are all validated by reliable sources. Industry-leading analysts authored the report. It is a comprehensive study of the global Contract Manufacturing Services market.

Global Contract Manufacturing Services Scope and Market Size

The market for Contract Manufacturing Services is segmented according to company, country, type, and application. The report will be an invaluable resource for players, stakeholders, and all other players in the global Contract Manufacturing Services Market. The segmental analysis is focused on revenue and forecast by type and application in terms of revenue forecast and revenue for the period 2016-2027.

Segment by Type

  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Engineering Services
  • Testing Development & Implementation
  • Logistics Services
  • Other

Segment by Application

  • Computer
  • Communications
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Other

By Region

North America

The U.S.





The U.K.




Rest of Europe




South Korea

Southeast Asia



Rest of Asia

Latin America



Rest of Latin America

Middle East & Africa


Saudi Arabia


Rest of MEA

By Company

  • West Pharmaceutical Services
  • Season Pharmaceutical
  • Sitronics
  • Synecco
  • Vtech
  • Hon Hai/Foxconn
  • Jabil
  • Flextronics
  • Pegatron
  • New-Kinpo Group
  • Venture
  • FIH Mobile
  • Plexus
  • Kaifa
  • Celestica
  • Sanmina
  • SIX
  • Zollner Elektronik
  • Universal Scientific Industrial
  • Benchmark Electronics
  • Creation Technologies LP

Table of Contents

1 Report Overview
1.1 Study Scope
1.2 Market Analysis by Type
1.2.1 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size Growth Rate by Type: 2016 VS 2021 VS 2027
1.2.2 Electronic Manufacturing
1.2.3 Engineering Services
1.2.4 Test Development & Implementation
1.2.5 Logistics Services
1.2.6 Others
1.3 Market by Application
1.3.1 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Market Share by Application: 2016 VS 2021 VS 2027
1.3.2 Computer
1.3.3 Communications
1.3.4 Consumer
1.3.5 Industrial
1.3.6 Others
1.4 Study Objectives
1.5 Years Considered

2 Global Growth Trends
2.1 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Market Perspective (2016-2027)
2.2 Contract Manufacturing Services Growth Trends by Regions
2.2.1 Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Regions: 2016 VS 2021 VS 2027
2.2.2 Contract Manufacturing Services Historic Market Share by Regions (2016-2021)
2.2.3 Contract Manufacturing Services Forecasted Market Size by Regions (2022-2027)
2.3 Contract Manufacturing Services Industry Dynamic
2.3.1 Contract Manufacturing Services Market Trends
2.3.2 Contract Manufacturing Services Market Drivers
2.3.3 Contract Manufacturing Services Market Challenges
2.3.4 Contract Manufacturing Services Market Restraints

3 Competition Landscape by Key Players
3.1 Global Top Contract Manufacturing Services Players by Revenue
3.1.1 Global Top Contract Manufacturing Services Players by Revenue (2016-2021)
3.1.2 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Revenue Market Share by Players (2016-2021)
3.2 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Market Share by Company Type (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3)
3.3 Players Covered: Ranking by Contract Manufacturing Services Revenue
3.4 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Market Concentration Ratio
3.4.1 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Market Concentration Ratio (CR5 and HHI)
3.4.2 Global Top 10 and Top 5 Companies by Contract Manufacturing Services Revenue in 2020
3.5 Contract Manufacturing Services Key Players Head office and Area Served
3.6 Key Players Contract Manufacturing Services Product Solution and Service
3.7 Date of Enter into Contract Manufacturing Services Market
3.8 Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion Plans

4 Contract Manufacturing Services Breakdown Data by Type
4.1 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Historic Market Size by Type (2016-2021)
4.2 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Forecasted Market Size by Type (2022-2027)

5 Contract Manufacturing Services Breakdown Data by Application
5.1 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Historic Market Size by Application (2016-2021)
5.2 Global Contract Manufacturing Services Forecasted Market Size by Application (2022-2027)

6 North America
6.1 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size (2016-2027)
6.2 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type
6.2.1 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2021)
6.2.2 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2022-2027)
6.2.3 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2027)
6.3 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application
6.3.1 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2021)
6.3.2 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2022-2027)
6.3.3 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2027)
6.4 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country
6.4.1 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2016-2021)
6.4.2 North America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2022-2027)
6.4.3 United States
6.4.4 Canada

7 Europe
7.1 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size (2016-2027)
7.2 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type
7.2.1 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2021)
7.2.2 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2022-2027)
7.2.3 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2027)
7.3 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application
7.3.1 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2021)
7.3.2 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2022-2027)
7.3.3 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2027)
7.4 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country
7.4.1 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2016-2021)
7.4.2 Europe Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2022-2027)
7.4.3 Germany
7.4.4 France
7.4.5 U.K.
7.4.6 Italy
7.4.7 Russia
7.4.8 Nordic

8 Asia-Pacific
8.1 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size (2016-2027)
8.2 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type
8.2.1 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2021)
8.2.2 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2022-2027)
8.2.3 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2027)
8.3 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application
8.3.1 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2021)
8.3.2 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2022-2027)
8.3.3 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2027)
8.4 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Region
8.4.1 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Region (2016-2021)
8.4.2 Asia-Pacific Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Region (2022-2027)
8.4.3 China
8.4.4 Japan
8.4.5 South Korea
8.4.6 Southeast Asia
8.4.7 India
8.4.8 Australia

9 Latin America
9.1 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size (2016-2027)
9.2 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type
9.2.1 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2021)
9.2.2 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2022-2027)
9.2.3 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2027)
9.3 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application
9.3.1 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2021)
9.3.2 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2022-2027)
9.3.3 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2027)
9.4 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country
9.4.1 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2016-2021)
9.4.2 Latin America Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2022-2027)
9.4.3 Mexico
9.4.4 Brazil

10 Middle East & Africa
10.1 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size (2016-2027)
10.2 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type
10.2.1 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2021)
10.2.2 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2022-2027)
10.2.3 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Type (2016-2027)
10.3 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application
10.3.1 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2021)
10.3.2 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2022-2027)
10.3.3 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Application (2016-2027)
10.4 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country
10.4.1 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2016-2021)
10.4.2 Middle East & Africa Contract Manufacturing Services Market Size by Country (2022-2027)
10.4.3 Turkey
10.4.4 Saudi Arabia
10.4.5 UAE

11 Key Players Profiles
11.1 Hon Hai/Foxconn
11.1.1 Hon Hai/Foxconn Company Details
11.1.2 Hon Hai/Foxconn Business Overview
11.1.3 Hon Hai/Foxconn Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.1.4 Hon Hai/Foxconn Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.1.5 Hon Hai/Foxconn Recent Development
11.2 Jabil
11.2.1 Jabil Company Details
11.2.2 Jabil Business Overview
11.2.3 Jabil Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.2.4 Jabil Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.2.5 Jabil Recent Development
11.3 Flextronics
11.3.1 Flextronics Company Details
11.3.2 Flextronics Business Overview
11.3.3 Flextronics Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.3.4 Flextronics Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.3.5 Flextronics Recent Development
11.4 Pegatron
11.4.1 Pegatron Company Details
11.4.2 Pegatron Business Overview
11.4.3 Pegatron Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.4.4 Pegatron Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.4.5 Pegatron Recent Development
11.5 New-Kinpo Group
11.5.1 New-Kinpo Group Company Details
11.5.2 New-Kinpo Group Business Overview
11.5.3 New-Kinpo Group Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.5.4 New-Kinpo Group Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.5.5 New-Kinpo Group Recent Development
11.6 Venture
11.6.1 Venture Company Details
11.6.2 Venture Business Overview
11.6.3 Venture Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.6.4 Venture Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.6.5 Venture Recent Development
11.7 FIH Mobile
11.7.1 FIH Mobile Company Details
11.7.2 FIH Mobile Business Overview
11.7.3 FIH Mobile Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.7.4 FIH Mobile Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.7.5 FIH Mobile Recent Development
11.8 Plexus
11.8.1 Plexus Company Details
11.8.2 Plexus Business Overview
11.8.3 Plexus Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.8.4 Plexus Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.8.5 Plexus Recent Development
11.9 Kaifa
11.9.1 Kaifa Company Details
11.9.2 Kaifa Business Overview
11.9.3 Kaifa Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.9.4 Kaifa Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.9.5 Kaifa Recent Development
11.10 Celestica
11.10.1 Celestica Company Details
11.10.2 Celestica Business Overview
11.10.3 Celestica Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.10.4 Celestica Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.10.5 Celestica Recent Development
11.11 Sanmina
11.11.1 Sanmina Company Details
11.11.2 Sanmina Business Overview
11.11.3 Sanmina Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.11.4 Sanmina Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.11.5 Sanmina Recent Development
11.12 SIIX
11.12.1 SIIX Company Details
11.12.2 SIIX Business Overview
11.12.3 SIIX Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.12.4 SIIX Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.12.5 SIIX Recent Development
11.13 Zollner Elektronik
11.13.1 Zollner Elektronik Company Details
11.13.2 Zollner Elektronik Business Overview
11.13.3 Zollner Elektronik Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.13.4 Zollner Elektronik Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.13.5 Zollner Elektronik Recent Development
11.14 Universal Scientific Industrial
11.14.1 Universal Scientific Industrial Company Details
11.14.2 Universal Scientific Industrial Business Overview
11.14.3 Universal Scientific Industrial Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.14.4 Universal Scientific Industrial Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.14.5 Universal Scientific Industrial Recent Development
11.15 Benchmark Electronics
11.15.1 Benchmark Electronics Company Details
11.15.2 Benchmark Electronics Business Overview
11.15.3 Benchmark Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.15.4 Benchmark Electronics Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.15.5 Benchmark Electronics Recent Development
11.16 Creation Technologies LP
11.16.1 Creation Technologies LP Company Details
11.16.2 Creation Technologies LP Business Overview
11.16.3 Creation Technologies LP Contract Manufacturing Services Introduction
11.16.4 Creation Technologies LP Revenue in Contract Manufacturing Services Business (2016-2021)
11.16.5 Creation Technologies LP Recent Development

12 Analyst’s Viewpoints/Conclusions

13 Appendix
13.1 Research Methodology
13.1.1 Methodology/Research Approach
13.1.2 Data Source
13.2 Disclaimer
13.3 Author Details


Major Companies

  • West Pharmaceutical Services
  • Stason Pharmaceutical
  • Sumitronics
  • Synecco
  • Vtech
  • Hon Hai/Foxconn
  • Jabil
  • Flextronics
  • Pegatron
  • New-Kinpo Group
  • Venture
  • FIH Mobile
  • Plexus
  • Kaifa
  • Celestica
  • Sanmina
  • SIIX
  • Zollner Elektronik
  • Universal Scientific Industrial
  • Benchmark Electronics
  • Creation Technologies LP
  • Others


Segment by Type

  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Engineering Services
  • Testing Development & Implementation
  • Logistics Services
  • Other

Segment by Application

  • Computer
  • Communications
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Other

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