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Surgical Blades Market Analysis- Industry Size, Share, Research Report, Insights, Covid-19 Impact, Statistics, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2022-2030

Published Date: September, 2022
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Globally the market dealing with the surgical market is expected to occupy USD 346 Million in 2018 and projects at a CAGR of 3.6%. The expansion of surgical blades market size can be led to the adoption of interventional surgeries. Nowadays surgical procedures are being adopted where crucial health problems can be overcome in a better way. Globally it was marked that the market in the North American region projected at a USD of 116.4million during the forecast period of 2020 till 2030 hereby also it is marked that the surgical blades market is expected to project at a USD of USD 770.81 million with a CAGR of 7.48%.

Surgical Blades Market Report Scope and Segmentation

UNITValue (USD Million/Billion)
BY REGIONNorth America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa


There was a very bad impact of pandemics throughout the world. It had a great impact on the working staff and workforce were spreading of the virus had taken [lace in a very dangerous way. The majority of appointments were put forward during this period due to which greater usage of clinics and many other advanced surgical procedures was marked. In fact, during this period social distance was marked in various hospitals. Online appointments and online treatment were so done. The government took initiatives to minimize the spread. Nationwide lockdown and shutdown were marked.  The surgical blades market will soon see a growing trend.


  • Drivers– rise in the number of surgical blade suppliers with an increase in the number of surgeries along with geriatric population is the most driving factor of the surgical blades market. The rise in chronic disease patients along with diabetic and cancer patients and prevalence of cardiovascular disease steers up the market growth. An innumerable increase in chronic disease has led to the setting up of more hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory surgical centers which has given more opportunities for surgeons and thus has led to the expansion of surgical blades market size.
  • Opportunities- growth in acute and chronic diseases among the aging population and the growth in surgical care augments the demand of the market. Major initiatives taken by the government along with the presence of skilled professionals and the presence of innumerable medical centers helps in boosting up the growth. The rise in demand for surgical blade size and the rise in the number of operating rooms steers up the market growth.
  • Challenges– rapid rise of services for elderly people, technological reformation, the composition of the demography, rise in post-discharge difficulties, reformation in insurance coverage, and lessening of per length stay are the major challenges faced by the surgical blades market. Particular risks associated with the surgical blades are the most growth-inhibiting factor of the market.
  • Cumulative growth- due to the anti-corrosion property of surgical blades, it is widely used so the cumulative growth and thus increases in surgical blades market size takes place. The availability of surgical blades of different sizes and shapes led to the rise in demand in the surgical market. This availability of different shapes and forms of surgical blades propels up the demand of the market and enables the medical staff to use as per their choice. It also had innovative features like having sharp cutting edges and are of high quality are which thus increases the demand among the staff.
  • Restraints– the surgical blades and the scalpels so used while performing surgery. The surgery should be performed by a well-trained professional or doctor where special treatment and care should be taken. If any problem is caused due to this then the growth of the surgical growth market will be inhibited.


  • By Type– based on product type, the surgical blades are classified into stainless steel and high-grade carbon steels blades. The light material stainless steel surgical blades are of high quality and provide effective surgery. This division occupies a significant place in the surgical blades market and also covers a large share of market value. As per the material insights it is also marked that the types of surgical blades are classified into sterile and non-sterile blades. Sterile blades are more advanced types of blades that are very much sharp and are used for cutting incisions. They cut efficiently and in a clean manner and are used for cutting surgery. These types of surgical blades are safe and are hygienic. During the forecast period, non-sterile blades grow at a CAGR of 3.1%. As per the end-users surgeryThe use, the market is categorized into medicals, ambulatory segments, and many more. People injured from road accidents and other disorders stimulate up the demand for different surgical blades in the surgical blades industry.
  • Technology– Advancement of technology led to the advancement of surgeries and manufacturing of new novel products which help the surgeons to operate and efficiently perform the medical operations. Technological development led to innovation and advancement in the field of medicine. By using different surgical procedures different devices, machines, and instruments have been grown. The surgical scalpel blades types have operated and performed the surgery with accuracy. In some regions of Belgium and Brussels, certain devices have been launched which helps in differentiating between cancerous tumors and normal brain tissue.


  • In the year February 2019, a renounceable surgical blades market named Swann Morton Limited, discovered the Sharps Training Portal where a long duration of training was being given fr handling up of the types of surgical blades which helps in the expansion of surgical blade market size.
  • In the year 2017, Hill Romm discovered the safety rules including the Bard-Parker Safewitch handle, cover, and remover which is well-trained disposable. surgery


From regional insights, it is noted that the surgical blades market is categorized in the regions of North America, some regions of Latin America, some European regions, the Asia Pacific along the Middle East, and African regions. North America is expected to cover the major er large surgical blades market share due to its brightened healthcare sector. This is the region where people are more prone to chronic disease, obesity, and the North American region is very much famous for surgical tools and devices. From the growing surgical blades market trends, it is noticed that the European region covers maximum share due to the presence of more aged people who are very much prone to illness. With the help of advanced technology, the researchers of the European region are manufacturing innovative surgical blades and the surgical blade manufacturers are manufacturing new medical products for improving the medical unit and implementing the usage of different types of surgical blades. The regions of Asia Pacific are expected to project at a high and rapid rate where the demand for surgical scalpel blades types is high. Healthcare facilities are very good in this region whereas the reimbursement policies for financing are prone in this region.


Some of the prominent surgical blade market are Hill Romm, Swann Morton, Kai Corporation, Huiyan Medical Corporation Co. Ltd, PL Medical Company LLC, MYCO Medical, VOGT Medical, etc. The use of innovative marketing strategies and use of new different surgical blades and the rise of medical tourism in the above competitors leads to the expansion of surgical blades market size in emerging regions. These key players give the end-superiority to launching a new product, acquisitions, applying strategies to expand their business, and strengthening it with full guidance.


As per the report, surgical blades market was noted that 28.6 million ambulatory visits with 48.3 million surgical and nonsurgical cases were performed in 2010. The report also gives enhanced information about the financial state of the surgical blade industry regionally, globally, and country-wise. It gives a good qualitative analysis of the new surgical blade market trends during the forecast period of 2015 to 2026. The report also summarises about the competitors playing a role in the marketing unit. It also gives significant information about the research methodologies put forward for rising growth. It also gives information about the market dynamics, driving factors, the rising surgical blades market trends, the rising opportunities and challenges which helps in driving the size of the industry.

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/MetricDetails
  Market Size
  • 2020: USD 770.81 Million
  • 2030: Significant Value
  CAGR  7.48% (2020-2030)
  Base Year  2019
  Forecast Period  2020-2030
  Historical Data  2018
  Forecast Units  Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage  Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered  Product type, Material, End User
  Geographies Covered  North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors  Hillrom Services Inc, Swann Morton Limited, Kai Corporation, Huaiyin Medical Instruments Co. Ltd, Mani, Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Ltd., Surgical Specialties Corporation, Hu- Friedy, GEISTER MEDIZINTECHNIK GmbH, PL Medical Co. LLC, KAWAMOTO CORPORATION
  Key Market Opportunities  New product launches and R&D Amongst major key Players
  Key Market Drivers
  • Increase in chronic diseases
  • The involvement of key companies Increase in development of healthcare infrastructures

Table of content

Chapter 1. Report Prologue

Chapter 2. Market Introduction

2.1 Definition

2.2 Scope Of The Study

2.2.1 Research Objective

2.2.2 Assumptions

2.2.3 Limitations

Chapter 3. Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Primary Research

3.3 Secondary Research

3.4 Market Size Estimation

Chapter 4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Drivers

4.2 Restraints

4.3 Opportunities

4.4 Challenges

Chapter 5. Market Factor Analysis

5.1 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.1.1 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers

5.1.2 Bargaining Power Of Buyers

5.1.3 Threat Of New Entrants

5.1.4 Threat Of Substitutes

5.1.5 Intensity Of Rivalry

5.2 Value Chain Analysis

Chapter 6. Global Surgical Blades Market, By Product Type

6.1 Overview

6.2. Sterile

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

6.3 Nonsterile

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

Chapter 7. Global Surgical Blades Market, By Material

7.1 Overview

7.2 Stainless Steel

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

7.3 High Grade Carbon Steel

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

Chapter 8. Global Surgical Blades Market, By End User

8.1 Overview

8.2 Hospitals

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

8.3 Clinics

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

8.4 Nursing Centers

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

8.5 Ambulatory Surgical Centre

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Region, 2020-2027

Market Estimates & Forecast, By Country, 2020-2027

Chapter 9. Global Surgical Blades Market, By Region

9.1 Overview

9.2 Americas

9.2.1 North America US Canada

9.2.2 Latin America

9.3 Europe

9.3.1 Western Europe Germany France Italy Spain UK Rest Of Western Europe

9.3.2 Eastern Europe

9.4 Asia-Pacific

9.4.1 Japan

9.4.2 China

9.4.3 India

9.4.4 Australia

9.4.5 South Korea

9.4.6 Rest Of Asia Pacific

9.5 Middle East & Africa

9.5.1 Middle East Africa

9.5.2 Africa

Chapter 10. Company Landscape

10.1 Overview

10.2 Company Share Analysis

Chapter 11. Company Profiles

11.1 Hillrom Services Inc.

11.1.1 Company Overview

11.1.2 Product Type Overview

11.1.3 Financials Overview

11.1.4 Key Developments

11.1.5 SWOT Analysis

11.2 Swann Morton Limited

11.2.1 Company Overview

11.2.2 Product Type Overview

11.2.3 Financial Overview

11.2.4 Key Developments

11.2.5 SWOT Analysis

11.3 Kai Corporation

11.3.1 Company Overview

11.3.2 Product Type Overview

11.3.3 Financial Overview

11.3.4 Key Development

11.3.5 SWOT Analysis

11.4 Huaiyin Medical Instruments Co., Ltd

11.4.1 Company Overview

11.4.2 Product Type Overview

11.4.3 Financial Overview

11.4.4 Key Development

11.4.5 SWOT Analysis

11.5 Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Ltd.

11.5.1 Company Overview

11.5.2 Product Type Overview

11.5.3 Financial Overview

11.5.4 Key Developments

11.5.5 SWOT Analysis

11.6 Surgical Specialties Corporation.

11.6.1 Company Overview

11.6.2 Product Type Overview

11.6.3 Financial Overview

11.6.4 Key Developments

11.6.5 SWOT Analysis

11.7 Hu – Friedy

11.7.1 Overview

11.7.2 Product Type Overview

11.7.3 Financial Overview

11.7.4 Key Developments

11.7.5 SWOT Analysis


11.8.1 Overview

11.8.2 Product Type Overview11.8.3 Financials

11.8.4 Key Developments

11.8.5 SWOT Analysis

11.9 PL Medical Co., LLC

11.9.1 Overview

11.9.2 Product Type Overview

11.9.3 Financials

11.9.4 Key Developments

11.9.5 SWOT Analysis


11.10.1 Overview

11.10.2 Product Type Overview

11.10.3 Financials

11.10.4 Key Developments

11.10.5 SWOT Analysis

11.11 MANI,INC

11.11.1 Overview

11.11.2 Product Type Overview

11.11.3 Financials

11.11.4 Key Developments

11.11.5 SWOT Analysis

Chapter 12 MRFR Conclusion

12.1 Key Findings

12.1.1 From CEO’s Viewpoint

12.1.2 Unmet Needs Of The Market

12.2 Key Companies To Watch

12.3 Predictions For The Surgical Blades Market

Chapter 13. Appendix


  • Product Outlook
    • Stainless Steel
    • High-Grade Carbon Steel
    • Others
  • Material Outlook
    • Sterile
    • Non-sterile
  • End-use Outlook 
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Major Companies

Hillrom Services Inc, Swann Morton Limited, Kai Corporation, Huaiyin Medical Instruments Co. Ltd, Mani, Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Ltd., Surgical Specialties Corporation, Hu- Friedy, GEISTER MEDIZINTECHNIK GmbH, PL Medical Co. LLC, KAWAMOTO CORPORATION

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