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Why is Research studies for Startups needed?

Startups require fast decision making whether for planning a new vertical, innovating a product/service, preparing market entry strategies, tracking their competition, or preparing business plans and pitch decks for seeking seed/venture capital. All these decisions need to be taken on the basis of reliable data to avoid pitfalls. The greatest mistake new entrepreneurs and startup founders make that they assume they have all the answers to their questions or reply only on publicly available data which ultimately proves to be a costly mistake both time and money-wise. Thus research studies for startups needed to be used, which is the only tool that can meet their data requirements with reliable accuracy.

Startups also have limited budget to gain quality market data and intelligence, hence they need the best return on investment (ROI) from their research spending. Hence they can’t afford traditional market research services which cost lots of dollars.

MWR helps startups gain strategic intelligence to solve business problems, enter new markets, offer market specific products/services, gain competitive edge and improve profitability by offering cost-effective syndicated research reports and custom market research service with quick turnaround time.

What Startups Gain by Using Market Research?

Research Studies for startups are used:

  • To get reliable market data which meets their research goals.
  • To gain deep insights about target industry/market.
  • To find answers to research problems which help in strategic decision making.
  • To gain competitive intelligence.
  • To understand new markets, products and services.
  • To gain consumer insights and understand their preference etc.

How We Help Startups with Market Research?

  • We hand-hold startups in identifying right research solutions (syndicated or custom) to meet their data needs.
  • In case of custom research, we identify suitable research agency for your project.
  • We use a state-of-the-art project management system so that your team, our team and research agency’s team can remain in real-time contact throughout the project life-cycle from start to delivery to post-delivery support stage.
  • We work to make sure you get best possible research which helps you solve your research problems and take strategic decisions.
  • Most importantly we understand startups have limited budgets for market research hence we help them achieve best possible ROI by offering cost effective and reliable market research reports and custom research solutions.


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