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Digital Supply Chain Market Anticipates Remarkable Growth with a CAGR of 8.9% by 2030, Reports MarkWide Research

MarkWide Research has unveiled a comprehensive report titled, “Digital Supply Chain Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2023-2030.” The report indicates that the global digital supply chain market is on the brink of significant growth, driven by the increasing need for transparency, efficiency, and resilience in supply chain operations. By 2030, the market is projected to reach an impressive size of $X billion.

Key Highlights of the Digital Supply Chain Market Report:

  1. Supply Chain Digitization: The digital supply chain is revolutionizing traditional supply chain operations by utilizing technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and AI to optimize processes, reduce costs, and enhance visibility.
  2. Resilience and Risk Mitigation: Organizations are turning to digital supply chain solutions to build resilience against disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and geopolitical events.
  3. Sustainability and Environmental Concerns: Companies are leveraging digital supply chain technologies to track and reduce their environmental footprint, meeting sustainability goals and addressing consumer demands for eco-friendly practices.
  4. Real-time Visibility: Real-time monitoring and tracking of goods in transit are enabling supply chain stakeholders to make informed decisions, reduce bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency.
  5. E-commerce Growth: The rapid expansion of e-commerce and changing consumer buying patterns are fueling the need for agile and digitally-enabled supply chains.

MarkWide Research’s comprehensive report offers a detailed analysis of the digital supply chain market, encompassing trends, drivers, challenges, and opportunities. It also provides insights into regional market dynamics, the competitive landscape, and profiles of key players in the industry.

Key Players in the Digital Supply Chain Market:

  1. SAP SE
  2. Oracle Corporation
  3. IBM Corporation
  4. Accenture PLC
  5. Cisco Systems, Inc.
  6. Kinaxis Inc.
  7. JDA Software Group, Inc. (Blue Yonder)
  8. HCL Technologies Limited
  9. Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)
  10. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation

The competitive landscape section of the report profiles these key players, highlighting their market strategies, digital supply chain solutions, financial performance, and recent developments.

In Conclusion:

The digital supply chain market anticipates remarkable growth in the coming years, driven by the urgent need for more transparent, efficient, and resilient supply chain operations. MarkWide Research’s latest report provides valuable insights and data to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions in this rapidly evolving market.

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